Fact-Check #1

The meme above is sourced from MAGAdoodle, which is a support page for President Trump. The creator of this page, Dan Morris, is a Republican and religiously believes in the ideologies of President Trump. Majority of the memes or posts on the website pertain to showing President Trump in a valiant light. With that said, the posts on this site are very biased. This specific meme shows the apparent division between the left wing and the right wing, which only grew stronger after Trump’s victory on the 2016 election. With the use of imagery, former president Obama is shown with a pompous-like facial expression, whereas President Trump is shown as a leader fit to make the U.S. prosper. Former President Obama was not given a “Thank you,” but President was given one in this meme. The meme glorifies the Republicans and more specifically President Trump. 

National Emergency refers to the National Emergencies Act (NEA), which states that the president has the right to declare an emergency in any state where they believe it is needed. Presidents can expand their powers and work to fix the situation or take action to ensure safety both domestically and internationally. 

 Many people started to compare Trump’s ideologies to that of former president Obama’s. People that leaned more towards the liberal side of politics believed that Obama had done a phenomenal job aiding the citizens of the United States through actions like the passage of The Affordable Care Act. The Republican supporters, however, started to claim that Obama was more involved with foreign matters rather than domestic matters. Obama did declare National Emergency for Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Ukraine, South Sudan, Central Africa, Venezuela, and Burundi. Within each of those countries, there had been cases of very harsh conditions. Some of which included sanctions of the economy, government, military, and environment. Obama was involved in many foreign affairs, and did declare a state of emergency for many foreign nations. For example, Libya and Central Africa faced similar situations in which their governments were abusing the rights of their citizens. Obama declared a national emergency because of the brutality the Libyan and the Central African people were facing by their governments. Just like every other former president, when declaring a national emergency there is financial assistance involved. So, Obama did provide Libya and Central Africa with millions of dollars to help with restoring the nation back to a safe ground for its citizens. He also sent troops—which also tied into their financial assistance— to help protect the citizens from the wrath of their government. Typically when a president does declare a national emergency internationally or domestically money is a big factor.  Obama did, however, also declare a state of emergency for the United States as well. During the swine flu epidemic, Obama declared a state of domestic emergency because of how widespread the epidemic had become throughout the nation. This image’s depiction of Obama not declaring national emergency for the United States is false. 

Trump did declare a great amount of national emergencies in the United States. He declared national emergencies to protect many interests of the citizens as well as promote safety within America. A prime example of one of his domestic national emergencies declared was the building of the wall around the border of Mexico and America. He believed that without the wall, many threats are exposed to the country like increased criminals. The meme implies that President Trump did not declare any national emergencies for foreign countries, however, he did declare a national emergency for Nicaragua. In Nicaragua there were corruption of the government and a violation of human rights  imposed onto the citizens. 

The meme ultimately depicts President Trump as a more fit leader for the nation because it acts as propaganda for the Republicans. It makes it seem as though Republicans or people that resonate with the right wing of government is going to help improve the conditions of the United States and that their main objective is to help the nation prosper. It implies that the left wing or, in this case, the democrats are more for fixing other nations rather than the United States. 

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