Fact-Check #4

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According to Medical News Today (MNT), a website dedicated to sharing health-related information, a recent study came out on July 8, 2019 which states that giving up alcohol will help boost your mental health, especially for`adult women.The article mentions that over the years there had been numerous disputes on whether or not alcohol impacts one’s health negatively or positively. Many scientists present different ideas about how alcohol impacts humans.  Prior to delving into the information provided by the article, I noticed that the article said that it was fact-checked already by an editor. This gave the article a sense of legitimacy because it showed that the work was reviewed and deemed as accurate by a specific person. Although incorporating the fact-check certification did strengthen the legitimacy, it does not mean that the information presented within this source is completely accurate.  When searching up Medical News Today on Wikipedia, there was no mention of the source being biased or having inaccurate information. This helps with strengthening the legitimacy of the site and the information within this article.  

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As you read further into the article, it discusses four studies published that illustrate how alcohol consumption and mental health have a very ambiguous relationship. Although the links within this post point to other MNT posts (internal links), those posts do include links to the actual studies. The first link provided speaks about the debates many scientists were having about the impacts of alcohol consumption. It then later mentioned that drinking alcohol increased people’s risk of getting cardiovascular disease. The next link also mentioned the disputes many scientists had about the effects of alcohol consumption on a human. It spoke about how alcohol can be beneficial to women, but further went to explain how recent studies have shown that alcohol consumption has very harmful effects, one of them being depression, which supports the author’s claim about mental health. 

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The author mentions an important study, done in Hong Kong, which acts as the base of the author’s entire article. The research’s publishing page, CMAJ, is Canadian-based and solely focuses on medical findings. CMAJ has an impact factor of about 6.8 as of 2015, which is pretty good. When viewing the research findings done in Hong Kong, the authors’ information were provided and a link to Google Scholar for each author were provided as well. Each of the authors had a medical and research-based background. The research paper did include specific information about how people that consume little to no alcohol do tend to be mentally more healthy when compared to those that are regular alcohol consumers. The MNT article did specify that women who abstain from alcohol tend to have better improvements on their mental health, so the authors’ claim about women being impacted more is accurate according to this study. The article mentioned that women who were lifelong abstainers actually had a lower mental health improvement than those who gave up alcohol consumption, which was confirmed by the  study. The information provided in this article about this study aligns with the research paper published in CMAJ. 

Overall, the information provided within this article was proven to be accurate through the findings of the study on CMAJ. The study conducted in Hong Kong did help support the author’s claim. It went into detail about how refraining from alcohol can help improve one’s mental health, especially women. The authors of the study done in Hong Kong did have a prior background in research and the medical sciences. The research page, CMAJ, also provided the readers access to the detailed backgrounds of each author which helped with determining the accuracy of the study. The internal citations also helped with supporting the claim in the article because each of the articles had a specific study embedded within them which pertained to health and alcohol consumption. 

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