Fact-Check #3

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The Daily Mail sometimes gets its information from sites which includes other news outlets. For example, they had an article created pertaining to the earthquake that occurred in California recently and they included images and quotes from CNN. They also included specific quotes from the U.S. Geological Survey, however, they did not embed citations within their website. They also included many quotations from celebrities that made comments about the earthquake. Within the article, they included one link, but once the link was clicked on, it took me to the same article I was reading.  In another article that spoke about President Trump’s July 4th speech, there were no sources once again embedded within the article. However, this time they included a video of President Trump’s speech. The author of this article, Emily Goodin, claims to be a journalist and a passionate political writer, according to her LinkedIn bio. When I clicked on her name on the website, it directed me to all of the articles she wrote on the Daily mail, which was only the Trump article. 

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With Trump’s Fourth of July speech, the Daily Mail did not have a sense of bias towards him. All of the information provided within this article were factual. For example, they mentioned that he was the first president in nearly seven decades to speak in DC in Independence Day. However, the images used to display the event spoken about show President Trump in a very patriotic manner. It also shows his dedication to acknowledging the American people. With this comes propaganda in showing that President Trump is a true leader to his people. Him being shown as continuing his speech even with the terrible weather conditions, makes him look like a man of his word as well because he made a promise that he would make this speech during the Fourth of July. Majority of the written work pertain to just describing the event.

Furthermore, according to Allsides— a website whose intended purpose is to expose readers to different sides of the news media— the Daily Mail is a news source that leans more towards the right side of politics. Allsides defines right-wing news outlets as conservative or in support of republican ideals. Allsides uses a voting system which allows people to agree on whether or not the side chosen for the specific website is what it is assigned as. It was agreed upon by the visitors of the website that the Daily Mail is a news source that leans more towards the right side. The website Allsides says that the Daily Mail owns the BBC, which is more of a centered news source. Being a centered news source means that it has a mixture of both leftist and rightist ideals. This is very interesting given the fact that the Daily Mail is leaning more towards the right side. 

Similarly, when delving into Wikipedia, it stated that the Daily Mail is indeed a very conservative-based news outlet. It also mentioned that many readers and sources, including Wikipedia, deem the Daily Mail as an unreliable source. They state that the Daily Mail is notorious for having poor fact-checking and for fabrication. The Daily Mail also had many criticisms pertaining to producing “scare stories.”

All-in-all, the news on the Daily Mail did not come off as right-winged from the two articles analyzed. The articles looked at mainly have specific events described with pictures as references. One thing that does stand out is that the information is poorly cited. This weakens the legitimacy of the information being written about. Also, when viewing what Wikipedia had published about the Daily Mail lessens its sense of legitimacy as well. Many sources consider the Daily Mail as unreliable because of their poor use of factual evidence.

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